Community College Education-A Great Investment and soon to be Free

“… Higher education shouldn’t mean taking on a lifetime of debt because it’s hard to get ahead when you start so far behind. That’s why I want to make 2 years of community college education free for responsible students. Simply put, 2 years of community college will become as free and universal as high school is today.”  President Obama introduces #HeadsUpAmerica

What are the Benefits of Attending a Community College?

If you are looking for outstanding, student-centered, learning experiences and assistance in completing a transfer degree or in-demand career skills, community college is for you. 

Here are the Benefits and Resources that make Community College a Great Investment Without the Debt.


  • You want instructors committed to instruction, and to you.
  • You want instructors who are skilled in teaching, knowledgeable, engaging, and there for you.
  • You are their main priority.

Start Over:

  • You want to focus, get a good GPA, and increase your chances to transfer to any school of your dreams. You didn’t do so well in high school and you want a second chance- you want to start over, get to know who you are-reinvent yourself, and open every door possible.

You are a Strong Student:

  • You want to minimize student loan debt without sacrificing a quality education 
  • You have no clue what you want to major in, and need time and more freedom to explore different paths.


  • You need a small campus feel where you are not a number.
  • You need strong student services with professional, knowledgeable and empathetic staff available to assist you with multiple issues. 
  • You want a diverse learning environment with students from all walks of life, all countries, all ages, and all abilities.
  • Your life circumstance requires that  you go to school somewhere locally. 


  • You need to work while attending school

You Need New Skills to get better jobs. You want to move up and get a raise:

  • You are transitioning careers
  • You are a veteran
  • You want a new life

You want to Learn while Balancing Life:

  • You want to work, study, and have a family.
  • You need flexibility and experts who understand your challenges and who want you to succeed

Guidance and Outstanding Student Services:

  • You don’t want to take random courses, but have a method, a plan designed with the assistance of career counselors and academic counselors.
  • You want to be guided through the transfer process.
  • You want great learning centers with study skills support, learning labs with available times and online help options.
  • You need help with books, supplies, financial aid, and scholarships.

You want to grow academically, and also personally. You want to choose a career based on personality assessments, study of the current market demands, internship experiences, and interviews with leaders in your fiels of choice. You want to be well-informed, and carve out a career that will make you happy; something you are passionate about, and that you can see yourself doing for the long haul.

Why is Career Planning and Self-Exploration so vital? 

  • Everyone has a calling.
  • Community College-Career Centers can help you figure out what that is, and what you are meant to do.
  • Do you really want to wait until you graduate to ask, Now What??? What do I do with this? Am I going to be happy?
  • You can avoid this type of crisis by seeking help early on.
  • Your real job is to find out as early as possible, who you are.
  • The goal of your education is to make you market-ready, but also, professionally happy.
  • If you do what you love, work won’t feel like work; it will feel more like a passion, something you can’t believe you are getting paid to do, because you would do it no matter what.
  • It’s not about what you are good at, or what your parents, friends or others have told you, you should be doing.
  • It’s about what you Love to do.
  • Most of us have no clue what that is, and need guidance to figure it out.
  • As you explore academics, don’t forget to explore the self.
  • At a community college you can tackle your growth simultaneously–in all areas that matter: personal, academic, and career. 

Imagine how successful your journey could be if you enlisted the help of a: Career Counselor, Academic Counselor and Personal Counselor all in one college? 

In addition you could engage in:

Community Building and Leadership Experiences:

Participate in clubs that resonate with you and the causes you support.

Play Sports; engage in the arts, perform.

If you dream of reinventing yourself, of learning and getting your certificate or degree, and you need a lot of resources and support, community college is for you.

If you need a team dedicated to student success, community college is for you. 


You are a high school student, a single mom, an older student, a single dad, a return student, a veteran, an international student, a high achiever, a student who needs a second chance, a worker, a person seeking balance, a student or worker seeking new skills, a new life, a first generation student, ambitious, hardworking and set on changing your life. You are a DREAMer. You want to learn. You want to afford it. You want to matter. You want to love learning. You want your degree. And you are going to get it. Community College is for You. 

Your new life awaits. 

To find out more about the movement to make community college free, check out HeadUpAmerica movement.



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