Candidate Spotlight-Hillary Clinton-Views On Immigration-In Her Own Words

“I’m not about to let anyone who will make a contribution to our society get thrown away,” Hillary Clinton on Immigration.

Republican and Democratic candidates are racing for the White House.  As they battle for their party’s 2016 presidential nominations, candidates allure us through personality contests, branding tactics and persuasive speeches. While the presidential debates are really entertaining, Americans want less flash and more concretes. We want details.

Where do candidates stand on the issues that matter? And once in office, what precise steps will they take towards the changes they are selling?

Hello Candidates: Before you get our vote, we want to know, where, how, and how soon? A great start would be for each of you to provide us with websites packed with details, where you spell out where you stand on the issues and what you will do about them once in the White House. At a glance, browsing through the candidates’ websites is disappointing. You’d think that by now, their teams would have put together the candidates’ positions on main issues, but most have only posted skeletal discussions on two or three topics, or they are really vague. Large photos, little print. A YouTube here and there. American flags and catchy phrases.

I want to be an informed American. So, I’m exploring on my own.

My homework starts with Hillary Clinton because hers is the most complete website I’ve found so far. Her “Issues” menu spells out where she stands on every hot topic.

Today, I’m especially interested on her stance on Immigration Reform.

Hillary Clinton’s Plan for Immigration Reform proposes the following:

  • A Fair and just immigration system with a path to citizenship:

Every family should feel like they belong in this country. Instead of breaking up law-abiding immigrant families who have enriched America for years, Hillary will offer them a path to citizenship.

A path to citizenship that will treat every person with dignity, uphold the rule of law, protect our borders and national security, and bring millions of hardworking people into the formal economy.”

  • Supports President Obama’s executive actions protecting DREAMers from the risk of deportation:

Supports the President’s Executive Order on Immigration, but argues his immigration law policies have been too aggressive and have hurt and split families. Clinton is advocating a “more humane approach,” including the following:

  • Avoid deporting people and breaking up families over small crimes
  • She would deport felons and violent people.
  • Against deportations based on minor or old traffic offenses.
  • Against deportations for people with drinking violations over 25 years old.
  • Wants to end intimidation campaigns
  • Remove fears among immigrants who worry that someone will knock on their door and remove them.
  • Remove fears that immigrants will be raided at work.
  • Wants to remove fears all together.

Clinton proposes a simple, straightforward, accessible way for parents of DREAMers and others with a history of service and contribution to their communities to make their case and be eligible for the same deferred action as their children.

Advocate of humane, common-sense enforcement.

“Immigration enforcement must be more humane, more targeted, and more effective. We will focus our limited resources on those individuals who pose a violent threat to public safety.”

How do Latinos feel about Hillary’s plan for Immigration Reform?

According to Noticiero Telemundo, Latino opinion of Hillary is High.

Why Latinos like her:

  • She has credibility with the Latino community-lots of visibility in the neighborhoods, and conversation with Latinos.
  • Her ties to Bill Clinton are positive. He is seen as a friend of the Latino community.
  • She has been firm in her support of positive immigration reform.
  • Has not wavered and this had given her credibility.
  • In a survey by Telemundo pitting Hillary Clinton against Donald Trump, Hillary won by 69 percent with 22 percent going to Donald Trump.
  • She was also favored over Jeb Bush, receiving 60 percent of support over Jeb Bush’s 30 percent.

Why they are still skeptical:

While Hillary Clinton fares well in comparison to other candidates, the Latino community is optimistic but guarded. During her interview with Enfoque, a segment of Noticias Telemundo, a caller asked Hillary Clinton for reassurance: “Hispanics want to make sure you won’t do the same. There have been many broken promises regarding immigration by President Obama. How do we know you won’t do the same? How will you apply the laws in a way that families are not separated and deported? Father, mother, children split, coming home to an empty home not sure where the parents went?”

Univision Noticias Jorge Ramos, also questioned Hillary’s commitment to Latinos if she were to be elected. Ramos interviewed Amanda Renteria, Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Director, and went straight to the point: “What would Clinton do for us as President?”

Amanda Renteria, Hispanic Advisor to Hillary Clinton

Renteria, the Hispanic leader behind the campaign, explained that Hillary Clinton has been  meeting with Dreamers and immersing herself into Latino communities to get firsthand accounts of the impact of current immigration reform on immigrant families.  She has been meeting with Dreamer students to understand their concerns.

Cesar Vargas, Co-Director of Dream Action coalition called in during the interview expressing his skepticism, “We are not going to make the same mistake we did in 2008 when we fell for Obama’s rhetorical gifts.  He made lots of “muy bonito” speeches when recruiting Latino votes…and then betrayed us. We need to hear solutions, find real leadership and learn about the actual steps that will be taken to protect us. Latinos on the surface like what Clinton proposes, but they are reluctant to trust. Obama promised the same and did  not follow through.”

Cesar Vargas-Immigration Activist

Amanda Renteria defended Clinton’s immigration policies as trustworthy: “Follow our campaign. We are not just words. We are getting into the Latino communities, talking with people in those communities. You are going to see us meeting and sitting down with the Dreamers for lengthy conversations. We want to enlist them in the conversation of what exactly can be done once we get into the White House.

When and how? Is what Latinos want to know before they give their vote.

Renteria spelled out Hillary Clinton’s strategy:

“What Hillary Clinton wants to do is figure out a way to include all the different communities back into the economy of the United States.  She sees the immigration problem as larger than a border issue. It is closely tied to education, and health reforms. These are all important issues facing Latino communities. What Latinos need is not just a leader that focuses on how to stop deportations, but a candidate that looks at the host of other problems hurting those communities which are preventing them from enjoying a prosperous economic outlook.

Right now, she’s out in the communities talking with Dreamers. Her priority is to provide a forum for Dreamers to have a voice, and explain in their own words, what they need. Later, she’ll do more political interviews.

Her strategy is people first, and political talk next.”


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